Happenings Lately

As much as I absolutely loved the A-Z Series, I am so looking forward to getting my voice back on the blog.

Here are some random not super important life updates but, hey, I felt like sharing:

I restyled part of my room. 

I have two new favorite outfits.

This actually happened. And, then I really did eat all of them in one sitting. Not a proud moment.  This is why chocolate boxes NEED to have pictures/labels on the inside cover of the box. See how good I am at taking the blame off of myself?

 Curiosity: 6, Carly: 0

I have also had the pleasure of writing several guest posts lately.  Today, you can find me at two fabulous blogs.

I am over at The Urban Slant chatting about what I wish were in my pot of gold.  Yes, you read that right.  Julia is fabulous and also roaming around Europe as I type this, but I'm trying not to let the jealousy get in the way of our friendship.

I am also over at the A Little Ray of Sunshine sharing my latest obsessions. Susan is beyond sweet and always has a positive attitude so it's been a blast getting to know her!

Hope you're all having a fabulous week! Does anyone do anything special for Leap Day?



A-Z Series: Z Is For

Today is a bittersweet day as it is the last day of the A-Z Series.  What makes me so happy, though, is that one of my favorite bloggers is here to share the last day with us.  The fabulous Erika from small shop is here with us today! Have you seen her Style at Home feature on the Glitter Guide yet?! It is absolutely breathtaking.  Her blog is a daily read for me and a main source of inspiration.


Hello, it's Erika from small shop! How lucky am I to round out the entire series with such a fun letter? There are a ton of "z" words that are quite trendy these days. Plus a few other faves of mine:
zinc // zebra // zig zag // zippers// zara
And I do love me some Zoolander.


Well, you really nailed Z on the head, Zach Galifianakis and all, Erika! How chic is that zebra rug?  I love. And if Wisconsin could just get a Zara like yesterday, I would be a happy camper.

I also obviously love Zhush, and I really, really do love Z Gallerie.  Have you checked out their site yet? Amazing-ness.  I honestly want every single piece.

Thank you so much, Erika and to all those who participated in this series! It has been a blast putting it together and seeing everyone's picks!  

Did you miss part of the series? Take a peek here.


A-Z Series: Y is For

The end is near for the A-Z Series.  I saved two of my favorite ladies to end the series with a bang.  I am thrilled to have Sue from The Zhush here today.  Her aesthetic is simply stunning. No other way to really put it.  And not to mention that her shop offers such unique pieces.  These and these are on my wish list.


Hi everyone! Sue from The Zhush here today to talk about all the things I love that start with the letter "Y"!  When Carly first gave me this letter, I was a little perplexed...like, do I even love anything that starts with this letter?  The first thing that came to mind was yogurt! I know, not the most stylish thing, but still...I eat it all the time.  Eventually,  I managed to snap out of my brain freeze and remember that there are two major designers that I adore! Yves St. Laurent (accessories heaven for me) and Yigal Azrouel!  After that, the most obvious of them all...hello, yellow! Love it...and plan on wearing a lot this Spring! Thanks for having me here today, Carly...clearly my brain needed the exercise! (YOGA!) off to go stand on my head...


Yogurt, Yoga, YSL....yes please!

Thank you so much, Sue! 

Today I am over at Fashion Truffles sharing a fun way to bring floral prints to your outfit!

Happy Monday to all! How was your weekend?!


Friday's Fancies::Hollywood Glam

Happy Friday! 

So here's the thing...I probably won't even get to watch the Oscars this year as I have dance rehearsal most of the day on Sunday and then I'll have to drive back to school and do more and more lesson planning.  I will be living vicariously through your tweets.  So make 'em good!
If I for some reason got to attend this year's Oscars, this would be my order: a floor length pastel hue gown with a side of sparkle to go, please and thank you. Luckily Ellie Saab knew just what I wanted. 

I would love to combine the deep v with the mint green, and I would also like to grow 5 inches, but some things just aren't going to happen.  If I were to watch the Oscars, I would for sure be on my couch eating something delicious and wearing an oversized sweater with leggings, hoping to look a little something like this:

Cozy + chic. My favorite go to look.
How will you be spending your weekend?

As always, linking up with {long distance loving}



A-Z Series: X is For

I should mention that I have given up shopping for Lent (i.e. for 40 days).  I will be living vicariously through blog posts and you all from this point on.  I was inspired by an old friend last night and also from {av}'s spending freeze over at {long distance loving}.  I figured I needed to post this on the blogosphere to help hold myself more accountable.
Moving on, Jackie from York Avenue brought her A-game for the letter X today.  I fell in love with every single image upon first glance.  Over at her blog, you can find daily interior design and fashion inspiration in addition to mouth-watering recipes, book reviews, and go-to places in NYC. She really is all that and a bag of chips.  Does anyone even say that anymore.....besides me?!


Hello, it's Jackie from York Avenue, and I'm super excited to be participating in Carly's A-Z blog series! A Simple Affair is a daily inspiration to me, and Carly is one of the sweetest, friendliest people I've "met" so far in the blogosphere. I didn't have to mull over what to feature for the letter "X" for too long, as the answer was right in Carly's e-mail sign-off: XOXO! After all, who doesn't love hugs and kisses? So here's a round-up of some of my favorite XOXO items:

Blair from Atlantic-Pacific, rocking gorgeous XO rings from JewelMint

Rebecca Minkoff XOXO coin purse (with leopard print lining! Yes, please.)
Joie de Vie Paperie XOXO stamp-you can make your own gorgeous letterpress stationery!

XOXO sequin letters from Twisted Twig-totally customizable to any letters or colors you choose, but I'm loving the gold XOXO!

Bisous (French for kisses) is written underneath an XOXO image created from vintage French maps in this print from The Sweet Unfolding

This Square Framed XO set says XO from afar, amd much more up close.

A unique card says XOXO in sign language-from Etsy shop Russell and Salguero

It's not XOXO, but I can't resist throwing in this X tote, since I'm obsessed with Alphabet Bags! And hey, you can always buy the "X" and the "O"!

And a final "XOXO" to Carly, for inviting me to participate in this great blog series!


Jackie, there are no words that describe the greatness that is this post.  I actually would like to own every single item. Amazing roundup.

Today you can find me over at Lou Lou's Life Lessons playing RZ for the day and picking my favorite Piperlime pieces for Spring.


A-Z Series: W is For

Have you been to Tiffany's blog Living Savvy before?? Then you already know how fabulous she is and how many truly amazing, budget friendly projects she has on her blog.  I think I could spend hours reading through all of her creative, inspiring posts.  She has been working on a One Room Challenge-recently shared her Week Five Update (it's a six week challenge), and here is the how-to for those gorgeous night stands.  She also brilliantly did a No Spend Challenge throughout January.  This was one of my favorite pieces, and it was something I wanted to do myself.  I would have never come up with this idea though.  As you can tell, I really do love her blog and projects and am thrilled to have her sharing her favorite W's today!


Hey There!  I am Tiffany from Living Savvy!  I was so excited when Carly asked me to guest post for her A-Z Series; then she told me I would have the letter W.  I read the email and said "what?  I can't think of anything I like that starts with a W?!?!"  And my husband looked at me and said "really?" as he peers over to the stack of empty wine bottles on the counter.... "really?!"  HA!  With that one being accounted for, I was excited to brainstorm for some others...

I love the idea of an all white room!  The space feels clean and uncluttered when everything is white.  A bathroom with white tile and white towels... just sparkles with all of the plumbing fixtures and glass!  With 2 little boys I could probably never pull it off, but maybe one day I can have an all white room!
{Wainscoting & Wallpaper}

Wainscoting and wallpaper have made a huge comeback in the last couple of years, but I am sure some would argue that they never went away!  That may be true, but today's version is way much cooler!  I love the graphic papers that are great for an extra accent pop.  And I love how the traditional chair rail and plate rail are being redone!
When I think of water, I think of the ocean.  I have always been drawn to the colors of the waves, and they different blues against the blue sky.  My favorite place is anywhere there is water... I would prefer the ocean, but lakes are good too! {Wine}
As you can see I love my wine!  I love all things wine; drinking wine, wine art, wine cork art.  We actually even have started to make our own wine with another wine loving couple, and we just bottled our first vintage!  
Thank you so much Carly for inviting me to join the series!  It was fun to get my brain thinking and obviously I like a lot of thing that start with W!


What?! Just bottled your first vintage-I love it! Thank you so much, Tiffany! I will be staring at these images for days. I especially cannot get enough of white decor.

I also love West Elm & West Avenue Jewelry. Why hello gorgeous monograms--say hello to a bracelet I love, to a necklace I love, and to earrings I love. 

Happy Wednesday! Have you been stalking The Everygirl as much as me already?!


A-Z Series: V is For

Meet McKenzie from Spoonful of Style: the reason I started blogging in the first place.  McKenzie and I grew up in the same town and went to high school together and have since reconnected thanks to blogging land.  She recently moved back to the good 'ole Midwest and is continuing to inspire no matter where her location.  Her style is simply impeccable.


Hi! I'm McKenzie from Spoonful of Style and I'm thrilled to be here today sharing a few of my favorite things on Carly's blog. I thought I was in for a vicious challenge with the 22nd letter of the alphabet. But as it turns out, I'm swooning over more than just a few things that start with the letter "V." Check 'em out:
Vases to give fresh flowers a pretty home . . . Red velvet cake as a super sweet {and delicious!} indulgence . . . Vintage everything, obviously {earrings, clutches & photos} . . . Valentine's Day because we could all use a little more love . . . Valentino. Enough said . . . And shades of violet to cheerfully carry us into Spring . . .

Thanks so much for having me, Carly! xoxo


I can't thank you enough for not only being a part of the series, McKenzie, but for inspiring me to start a blog in the first place.  Not to mention, thank you for answering all of my ridiculous questions!

I wholeheartedly agree with all of these V picks.  My three additions would have to be:

1. VitaRain from Costco. Yes, I'm very serious about this.

2. Vera Wang wedding dresses

3. Anything VINCE, but most importantly this dress:

Isn't she a beauty?


A-Z Series: U is For

Well my friends, it's the last full week of the A-Z Series.  Can you believe it?  Happy to have the wonderful Natasha of Schue Love here today. At her blog, you can find daily inspiration with recipes to try, outfits to style, and house decorating tips to use.  Not to mention she and her fabulous hubby are welcoming a little boy into their lives soon :)


Hi Pretties!  I'm Natasha from Schue Love and I'm excited to be participating in this awesome series!  I have to say, "U" seemed like a challenge at first, but low and behold...there turns out to be quite a few inspiring options!
U is for...
 {click on set for details}

Naturally I chose to include Umbrella...with April showers around the corner, it seemed like a natural choice!  And there are so many cute options these days! I majorly heart Urban Outfitters for their fashion, decor, and multitude of accessories.  I recently bought the zig zag rug for the kitchen and love it! I have been dying to get my hands on the Urban Decay "Naked Palette for ages!  It's supposed to be the palette of all makeup palettes! Of course, every woman needs some fun and frilly Undergarments!  I have an affinity for Hanky Pankys! Last, but not least, I would be remiss without mentioning Uggs.  They really have come a long way though...I adore these wedges and clogs for the spring!

Thanks for having me today Carly!
xo natasha


I definitely share a love for Urban Outfitters. Those earrings are just gorgeous.

Usher's dance moves, anyone??

And, of course, lots of love for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I just had too.

How were all of your weekends?!

I'll have some recipe updates coming in the next week or so for those of you that follow me on Twitter/Instagram. I was in the kitchen more often than usual this weekend and loved every second of it. Except when I dropped the baking soda all over myself and the floor.  Noted: don't wear all black when cooking ever again.


Sunday's Best

While taking a slight break from my lesson planning this weekend, I stumbled upon this gem.

All numbers:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 13 

I thought this could make a fabulous gift for oh so many occasions.  You could buy these for someone to layer for their birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.  Or maybe one of your friends just really has a number she loves? Wear it solo or paired with more numbers.  

Other ideas: if you have a sister, or two, or three, (I could keep going, but you get it) you could get each one the number for what sister that they are.  For example, since I'm older than my twin sister by one whole minute, I would get the one and give her the two.  See where I'm going?

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend! xo

OH, and did you see that you can now stalk me on Currently Obsessed? Enjoy!


Friday's Fancies::Meet me in Paris

Today is my 100th post?! I can't even believe it.  What better way to celebrate than to dress myself for a fake trip to Paris? Ya, that'll do.  The theme this week is let's fly away.  Of course I would love to go some place warm, and while we're on that topic, anyone looking for a visitor in April because this girl still gets a Spring Break? Let me know.  I need to work on my tan.

I have gone to Paris twice thanks to Irish dance.  I was in high school, and we were running around the gorgeous city before headed to dance festivals to perform.  I did not have the appreciation of  fashion that I do now and can only imagine how inspiring the city would be.  I'm also envisioning not having a spending limit, which applies to my outfit, more specifically this Celine bag. A girl can dream.

Um did you catch that the flats are named after me? Yes, me specifically. Wouldn't it be nice to get a discount on things that have our name? I would have these flats in all sorts of color combinations.

No there is not a lot of color in this post, but I love how sophisticated black and gold are paired together.  To spice things up, I added some texture with the fur coat and pattern with the skinny jeans.

Let's pause for a moment and just recognize how fabulous BaubleBar is.


Fabulous right? Affordable and unique pieces all from the same place? Count me in.

And now, let's get back to reality for a minute.  Some of these pieces aren't quite in the price range that I'm willing to spend on clothes right now.  This girl may need to buy a car in the near future.  So if you're looking for leopard skinnies, may I present to you these beauties from Target.  See? Much more realistic, especially for a piece I probably wouldn't wear all too often.  Yes, I realize these are from the Juniors' department, but if you have a Target near you, you should be able to find some there!

As always, head on over to the fabulous blog {long distance loving} for more Friday's Fancies!

As a sidenote, I'd take a white Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Just in case you were wondering.

Happy Friday!!! xo


Crystal Desk Accessories

Oh baby, how great would these look on my desk in 3rd grade?? Okay maybe a little much, but I think it'd be oh so fun to get some of these beauties to brighten up my desk in my apartment.  

Too much for you or just the right amount of pizzazz?? How fun is that word? Pizzazz. I may try to add that to my daily vocabulary.

I hope your Thursday has been pizzazz-filled, lovelies! xo

A-Z Series: T is For

Oh where to start? Sam from The Peak of Tres Chic is just one of the sweetest and most talented bloggers I have had the pleasure of getting to know these past few months. Need advice on how to make a house a home while being budget friendly? She's your girl.  Need a way to bring runway looks to your everyday apparel? She's your girl.


I am so excited to be posting today on {A Simple Affair}!  Carly is such a dear and I must admit to perusing her blog at least once a day.  I really lucked out that Carly gave me the letter "T", because once I started brainstorming, I realized almost everything I love starts with a T!  Nevertheless, I did my best to curate only the prettiest representations of my favorite "T" words.   Tablescapes
Tufted Furniture
Tom Ford
T-Strap Heels
There are so many places I long to visit...
Well, I could go on forever but I'll spare you.  I hope you enjoyed all my favorite T inspirations!  Thanks for having me, Carly!
XO, Sam from The Peak of Tres Chic


Thank you so very much for posting today, Sam! I think I could stare at every single one of these images all day long.

Thursday's in general make me happy as it's the weekend eve.  And on this Thursday, I especially love Topshop and Tory Burch.

Anybody else celebrate Taco Tuesday's? I haven't in awhile, but I think it's about time I bring that back.

Today you can find me over at mae badiyan chatting about smart shopping! Mae is absolutely fabulous and  just beyond sweet.  Oh, and you need to check out her latest and greatest jewelry collection ASAP! Thanks for having me, Mae! xo