Be Right Back

Hello lovely readers! I hope you all had a fabulous long weekend!

As mentioned earlier, I just graduated from college last week {crazy} and am finishing up student teaching this week with my fabulous 3rd graders.  I move home this Friday and really should get started on the whole packing up my entire apartment thing, not to mention say goodbye to the people that have made the last five years in Madison as great as they could have possibly been.

Something I haven't mentioned but am extremely excited about is that I will be traveling to Japan this summer for a three week Irish dance tour.  I was fortunate enough to go two summers ago and had THE time of my life.  My last two weeks in June will be spent with 100 hours of rehearsal and then I'll be out of the country for most of July. 

While I love this blog, I will be taking a break until I get back at the end of July.  I will pop in and out here and there, sharing updates and filling you in on guest blog posts I have done, but I will not be consistently posting.  I need to focus on my role as Rehearsal Director and dancer for the tour, spend quality time with my family and friends before leaving, and take in every minute while I'm in Japan.

I will still be popping around the blogosphere to keep up with the lovely blogging community and of course you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram while I'm away, but again probably not quite as much.

I will be back for sure this summer with some exciting new additions to the blog that I can't wait to share!


DIY Dipped Denim

Happy Friday! I'm off to the races this weekend, the Indy 500 to be exact.  You bet you will find me in these bad boys while cheering on some of my favorite foreign racing gentlemen. 

I followed Jenni's tutorial found here.  I previously cut these F21 jeans for a ridiculous jorts party last summer {I was Jorty Spice, what else?} but haven't worn them since.  I thought it was time to switch things up, and I can't say that I have any dipped denim in my closet.

If by any chance you are at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this Sunday {doubtful}, look for me frolicking around in these gems and then come frolic around the track with me.

What do you have going on this Memorial Day weekend?


Bright and Bold

Just in case you missed my post over at Taylor's blog this week, I thought I would share my ideal summer look over here today. This is what has had me inspired lately:

This year, I have vowed to wear more color, but I didn't want to break the bank investing in all new pieces as my closet is a safe haven for neutral apparel.  My solution: bright bottoms.  You can mix and match those neutral tops yet still add that pop to any outfit.

So what do you think? Would you rock this colorful combo?

{images via one, two}

Stella and Dot Giveaway Winner

Thank you to all who entered the Stella and Dot giveaway this week!  The lucky number this week was 61, dport002! You will be receiving an email shortly.

I'll be back later today with some summer inspiration!


Little Moments

I could not be more thrilled with my new camera that my loving parents got me for graduation.  Thanks to this camera, I have been able to capture some of my favorite little moments in my apartment before I move out at the end of the month. Can you tell how much I love jewelry, silver, and gold?

I still have so much to learn and will be looking for a photography class to take this summer so I can maximize my use out of this bad boy. I went with the Canon EOS Rebel T3i! Any tips for me? 

Also, we had to make a little change - the winner of the Stella and Dot Giveaway will be announced at 7:00 AM CST tomorrow! The giveaway is open until 11:59 PM CST tonight.   Get your entries in and good luck! xo


Giveaway: Stella and Dot-CLOSED

I'm teaming up with my fabulous sponsor, Perris, for another giveaway! If you're anything like me, you're currently craving anything with some color to get ready for summer.  These Carrie Bangles are the perfect trio to curb said craving.  I can see myself styling these bangles with a blouse + jean shorts for a night out with friends or with a LWD I can't wait to bring out of the closet. 

Gorgeous right? So here's what you need to do friends:

Visit Perris' site and leave a comment below about what other pieces you're currently craving from the collection.  I know, I know it's hard to pick just one piece, but I have faith in you readers. Can't wait to hear what else you love! 

For an extra entry, like Perris' Facebook page and leave a separate comment below letting us know you did so.

A random winner will be announced on Thursday, May 24th at 7 AM CST. You have until Wednesday at 11:59 PM CST to enter-good luck!

You can also find me over at CoverGirl and Converse today sharing some summer inspiration.

No purchase necessary; void where prohibited. By entering into this sweepstakes, the entrant acknowledges that they are eligible for this sweepstakes according to all laws set forth by their state of residency.  Not valid outside the US.


Graduation Weekend

What an amazing weekend it was!  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, well actually it could have been 5-10 degrees cooler but beggars can't be choosers.  Thanks to my family, boyfriend, and brother's girlfriend {couldn't leave anyone out, it was a long day} for being extremely patient with me and the amount of pictures I wanted to take to remember the day by.  We enjoyed a delicious late lunch that proceeded to put us all into food coma.   While the family had to leave, the boy and I went out for a celebratory margarita or two and had a delicious brunch yesterday morning.  Perfection if you ask me.

I cannot thank my family and friends for all of their support these last crazy months! I couldn't have done all of this without each and every one of you! 

...how cliche was that? But I really do mean it.

Although I am a graduate, I still have lots of work to finish up and teaching to do until June 1st.  So while the weekend was perfect, it's back to business as usual this Monday morning.

How were your weekends?


Friday's Favorites

Today, I had to share some of my favorites lately.  Speaking of sharing, head on over to Christin's fabulous blog, With a C.H., where I am sharing  five things about myself on this fine Friday. Christin's the bomb dot com so show her some love. People still say the bomb dot com right?!

Anyways, I have had some serious will power this past week {fist pump for my bank account}.  I took a quick break from school work on Wednesday and tried on these pants and this sweater and don't know how I left Anthropologie and J.Crew without them. 

Striped pointed toe flats? Just say yes to them.  They are such a fun way to spice up any outfit.

Let's get serious, anything Loren Hope will always be on my favorites list.  

I first saw this Rebecca Minkoff stunner in Bop and realized I do not have any navy bags nor any colored bags for that matter. I think she would get along really well with my black and brown lovelies.

Swooning over the subtle pattern and bold black dial on this Nixon watch.

So there you have it. Those are the current favorites on my list. I need to choose one as a graduation present to myself.  That's normal right? Right. 

Have a fabulous weekend! I'll be back on Monday with a graduation weekend recap! xo


Black, White, and Gold

 Ann Taylor Denim {similar} // Gap Oversized Blouse {similar} // Seychelles Wedge // Urban Outfitters Bag
Jewels: Stella and Dot Renegade Bracelet c/o // David Yurman // Anthropologie

I was feeling inspired after this get the look post last week.  The black, white, and gold {and silver in my case} is such a classic and effortless look. As I've mentioned before, I'm all about the mixed metals.  The more the merrier really. Oh and the Seychelles Wedge is one of the best things that has happened for my feet in a long time.  Holy comfortable and easy to walk in.

These necklaces are two separate pieces I created.  I have worn them separately and layered with other necklaces.  I am working on some other pieces and will get them posted once I do the whole graduation thing and finish all of my final projects. I'm excited to share!


Wedge Line Up

My votes are officially in for the Summer 2012 Wedge Line Up.  Oh, there's no such thing you say? Well then, these are simply the wedges I would love to have in my life immediately.  However, money doesn't grow on trees so I will continue to stare at them from my computer screen, especially the DVF beauties. Prior to last month, I did not own one pair of wedges {can you even believe it?! I know, I can't either}.  Needless to say, they have become my new favorite shoe, giving me just the extra height I need to feel even more confident as I walk out the door and still allowing me to walk at a normal pace.

I'm extremely partial towards the entire bottom row.  Probably because I'm ready for something besides an Espadrilles to add to my collection.


Monday Mantra

Excuse all the motivational quotes lately, but as I prepare for graduation in five days (ahhh!), I can't help but keep finding inspiring words and rereading them as I enter that crazy, unknown territory that is oh so exciting yet even more so terrifying. So cheers to starting Monday off on the right foot and setting the tone for a productive week!  So much to do and so, so, so little time.  Can't say I've never been there before. 

How were all of your weekends? Hope all of the moms out there had an amazing day! You deserve far more than one day of appreciation that is for sure.

{images via one, two, three}


Perfectly Polished

My favorite combination of the week has to be a gorgeous pop of color + a smile.  The feminine ruffles and pleats could not be more perfect, and what's better than a pretty dress with an even prettier, confident smile to go along with it? Nothing, nothing I say.  Once I finish all of my final assignments, I hope to look like one of these fine ladies while sipping on a celebratory margarita.  Preferably in this pink beauty.  Note to self: find this dress.

What are your weekend plans lovelies?

{images via one, two, three, four}


Newest Obsessions

You can check out all of my newest obsessions here! High on my wish list: boyfriend jeans, anything mint, and colorful sandals!

What are currently obsessing over?

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Get the Look: Black and White

Black, white, and gold.  My favorite combination whether discussing fashion or design. I'm loving this classic look especially thanks to the belt that adds the perfect pop of gold.  I have many gold accessories but definitely not a gold belt.  Think how great it would look paired with a LBD or mint skinny jeans.  Yeah, pretty phenomenal.  Yeah, I think I need one.

{image via}


Gift Guide: Mother's Day

Just in case you're still searching for that perfect gift, here's a quick little gift guide!

1. Mani + Pedi Date: because all of the moms out there deserve some pampering, and it is much more fun to go together. Win, win!
2. Home Accessories: have some fun with this! I don't think mom's treat themselves enough on the little details so this is where we come in.
3. Note cards + Stationary: a nice little treat to brighten up her day.  How fun is the notepad? And this way, she can think if you each time she writes a message...a gift that keeps on giving if you ask me :)

What creative ideas do you have? Sadly, I won't be home to spend the day with my mom, but we were able to do a mini, super fast celebration last weekend when I was home for less than 12 hours.  Better than nothing right? At least my absence at home will leave her with some peace and quiet because I am known to talk quite a bit. You're welcome!


Summer Essential: Maxi Dress

J. Crew Maxi {solid colors here and similar stripes here} // Tahari Wedge {save vs. splurge item last week
 Michael Kors Watch // Tory Burch Sunglasses {sold out since the F&F sale} // Kate Spade Earrings 

Well friends, I did it.  I found both my go-to maxi for the summer as well as a pair of cat eye sunnies that I never want to take off.  Might I add that the maxi has pockets? You can't get much more perfect that that. But seriously.  Usually, I 100% agree with RZ on the whole "more is more" thing when it comes to jewelry, but for this ensemble, these simple pieces and a pop of orange were just the extra little details the outfit needed to feel complete.   

I am working on making some jewelry, and this bracelet is one of the pieces I made over the weekend. The sideways cross necklace was last mentioned here, and you can email me or comment on this post for more information.   I am happy to put you in touch with J so you can get your own! She's now making them in gold as well.

Now back to my main concern, have you found your perfect maxi for the summer yet?


Lately via Instagram

How were all of your weekends? I am still working on crossing off everything on my to do list before graduation in 2 weeks!

Some of my newest favorite details are the gorgeous Inslee card I framed and Kate Spade earrings from my sister.  I received the card with a gift and thought that it was too pretty not to display. I mean, it has my loafers on it and everything.  I have been pairing bold bottoms with classic tops like a chambray button down and a grey tee.  I love mixing neutrals + brights if you haven't noticed already.  When I'm not feeling ambitious enough to rock the bold bottoms, I still like to bring pops of color into my outfits.  The red belt and blue necklace did just that. 

How have you been adding color to your outfits?

{all images taken via Instagram @carlyhaslee}


Sunday Craving

On this rainy Sunday, I would love brighten up my day with this Anthropologie Viscid Watch.  How could you not smile every time you look at it? And the price makes me love it even more.

My pick is mint green.  Which would you choose?



I will be the first to admit that my stress level has been higher than normal lately and that my loved ones have had to hear far more complaining than necessary.  Sometimes I truly think you need to get that out of your system; however, I need to choose to be more positive about situations and instead of mulling over how annoyed I am about them, get over them and move on, regardless of how ridiculous an assignment is...hypothetically speaking of course. I have 15 days until I end my five year college career {reality check}, and I am choosing to make some changes in my attitude during this time.

I am trying to step out of my Type-A-have-everything-planned-at-all-times comfort zone and going day by day and slowly accepting that I have no idea where I will be come August.  But wherever I'll be, I'll have a smile on my face with a perfect high pony to go along with it.

Happy Friday lovelies! Now go choose your perfect feel good outfit for the day and have a fabulous weekend!

{image via}


Get the Look: Coral + Neutrals

I'm usually all about the "more is more" motto with accessories, but this top speaks for itself and needs no help in the sprucing up department. The coral truly pops when paired with white and neutral accessories.  I finally invested in a pair of white denim when I was in NYC.  Needless to say, I can't wait for warmer weather to pair them with a coral blouse, chambray top, or printed sleeveless blouse.

{image via}


Do the Do

I am craving some new and improved hairstyles lately. The whole wear my hair down or my bangs pinned back is getting old. Here are three classic looks I want to incorporate more on a weekly basis.

Love the idea of spicing up a standard ponytail with a feminine bow, and I am also swooning over this gold hair cuff. I'm thinking I need a little more side pony action in my life in addition to some waves.  My curling iron and I will surely have a hot date in the very near future {literally}.  Gosh, I crack myself up. 

{you can find my sock bun tutorial here.}

You can also find me over at styleash today, posting about Summer Must Haves while Ashley basks in the sun in Mexico.  No, no I am not jealous one little bit.

{images via one, two, three, fourfive, six}


Let's Indulge

...because everything tastes better covered in chocolate.  I don't know about you, but I'm a dessert-after-every-meal kind of girl so these are the perfect mini-treat for just that.

1. Place parchment paper on a baking pan.
2. Slice bananas and line them up on parchment paper.
3. Scoop peanut butter on top of banana slices.

4. Melt chocolate and vegetable oil and then cover banana + peanut butter slices.

 5.  Drizzle with melted white chocolate for  a pretty presentation and more chocolate never hurt anyone.
6. Place in freezer until chocolate hardens.
7. Enjoy!

Tip: place sliced bananas in freezer prior to covering them in PB and chocolate!

And yes, yes, those are Oreo Truffles in the background.  I told you I love chocolate.