Clean and Clutter Free

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

 On Saturday, I finally got around to cleaning out my bedroom at school.  I had done a major clean sweep at home, but now it was time to tackle the inevitable.  Bottom line: I have too much stuff. Thank goodness I had at least cleaned out and organized my closet at the end of March.

My desk was crammed, and I had so many old worksheets and notebooks that I NEVER, I repeat never look through.  Trust me, throwing them away was such a great feeling.  What did I do if I was slightly undecided about a piece? Took a picture of it on my handy dandy iPhone and then proceeded to throw it out. I also threw out every pen, marker, and/or highlighter that wasn't working and filed receipts and bills. Then I took it to another level.  I deleted old emails, old texts, old iPhone pictures that had been uploaded to my computer and just sitting taking up space on my phone.

I was able to be so much more productive Saturday night and yesterday morning because I wasn't distracted by so much clutter - even via technology.

Besides cleaning, I applied for more jobs and helped run a dance rehearsal all day yesterday.  Would you believe that I haven't graduated college yet? Who am I?

Anyways, have you gotten around to your spring cleaning? I promise it's worth it!

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Friday's Fancies::Date Night

Just in case you missed my post over at Studio Swoon awhile back, I thought I would share what I put together with you today for Friday's Fancies since it goes right along with the Date Night theme.  Whether you're going out on a first date, an anniversary date, or just a fun night out with the ladies, this is my go-to ensemble.

Blouse:  Sleeveless, short sleeve, or long sleeve, you can't go wrong with a beautiful blouse.  Tuck it in and pair it with a cute belt or wear it long.

Skinny jeans: black, coral, green, I really don't care the color.  Find a pair and color YOU feel comfortable in.  This clearly won't be the same for all of us lovely ladies.  While I am loving the colored denim trend, I personally stick to black and add color with other pieces in my outfit.  Again, that's me.  If you love the color, wear it and pair it with black or nude pumps. Or do some color blocking of your own with the jeans + heels.

Accessories: the heels, clutch, and jewelry are your way to show some more of your personality.  This is where I like to bring color into my outfits and some statement jewelry.

Make it fun! You should leave the house feeling great and confident! Don't try to make a trend fit you if it doesn't feel right. I've said this before, and I'll say it again: floral pants just aren't happening for me, and I'm 110% okay with that. Don't feel great in bold heels? Then don't wear them! I still adore my black and neutral heels wholeheartedly.  Add some color through your blouse instead!

Cheers to each and every one of you, and enjoy your date nights!


Thrifty Thursday

Do you know what makes me happier than free chocolate? Finding shoes you love at an amazing price.  Remember these wedges I told you about last week? Yours truly went back to Macy's since they're having their Friends and Family sale, and I am now the proud owner of them for $44.

Moving on.  I had wanted these leopard beauties for quite some time and almost bought them last week at full price.  That would have been what I like to call amateur hour.  Good thing I didn't because I found them at DSW for $36 [insert me on the other side of the computer screen with a huge grin on my face].

And last but certainly not least, I started to have major buyer's remorse over the Michael Kors wedges.  I did at least get them on sale, but I still couldn't justify $150 when they didn't fit just right. My pinky toe was a tad more than squished you could say.  So instead I found another pair at DSW that should be shipped to me tomorrow.  The color is slightly different, but it has the same general look as the MK wedge.  We shall see how it is in person.

I am trying to be smarter about my spending so I can save up to invest in a new camera.  While we're on that subject, which do you prefer, Nikon or Canon? Ready, set, discuss! And then head to Macy's and DSW!


Wishful Wednesday

Today's wish list features several practical pieces and some unnecessary yet beautiful pieces.  But that's what a wish list is for after all right? I can put whatever I want on it, after all, it is my wish list.

I am definitely still in need of more coffee table books.  They are hard to justify at the moment since I will be packing everything up in just over a month and attempting to make my entire apartment fit into my room at home.  Laughable.

You know what's not laughable? The gorgeousness that is the Loren Hope Samba Necklace. 

On to unrealistic purchases at the moment: Holy perfect sandals and crossbody bag.  I have been on the hunt for more beautiful and classic sandals for the summer and a perfect crossbody bag for quite some time now.  Ding, ding, ding, we have some winners.  However, yours truly isn't willing to spend quite this much on these pieces as of now.  Instead, they'll just occupy my dreams.

Fun fact: the Loeffler Randall Sandals are eligible for the Saks Friends and Family sale-enter code FRIENDS for 20% off! And then do a silent fist pump and don't tell me you got them because I'll be jealous. Deal?



Birthday Weekend Snapshots

Thank you all for the birthday love this weekend via texts, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! It was an amazing birthday weekend.  I didn't do anything too crazy, but it was great to spend some quality time with my family, Boyfriend B's family, and my fabulous roomie!  




 {Kate Spade goodies from my sister}

I also got up to meet up with the fabulous Laura just for a little yesterday.  My good 'ole Spanish class buddy was in town from Virginia for a wedding, and it was a blast catching up! She gave me the gorgeous earrings in the last picture.  I'm in love.

Then I did a little restyling with my latest Spike the Punch pieces from Boyfriend B and the Kate Spade quote.

How were your weekends?


Friday's Fancies::Picnic Time

We're headed on a picnic this lovely Friday for Friday's Fancies.  Oh how I wish it were picnic weather around here.  Instead it's been pretty gloomy and rainy. This is the perfect post to brighten up my week.  I'm pretty sure any combination of J.Crew and Loren Hope would result in pure perfection. Add in Loeffler Randall, and I'm in swoon city.

Which bag would you prefer for a picnic in the park? The traditional Farmer's Market tote or the more modern Shopper? 

I'm headed home for the weekend so my sister and I can celebrate our birthday together!  It's on Sunday, but since we both have to get back to school we'll do most of the celebrating on Saturday.  As a huge fan of birthdays, often others' more than mine, I am very much so looking forward to the weekend.   Do you have anything fun planned this weekend?

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Swooning over Shopbop

I will neither confirm nor deny any purchases of the below items, but I will tell you that I love them all dearly.  I may have found the ultimate contenders for the perfect chambray shirt and the perfect wedge. I know, that is a very bold statement, but one I am willing to make at this time.

Liz lead me to these beautiful wedges.  Remember when I was talking about still searching for a better wedge only yesterday?  Perfect timing for the Shopbop sale.  It's like they know that I'm a sucker for a sale and can justify anything when my birthday is this weekend and graduation is in a month (that counts too, right?)  

Hypothetically speaking, what do you think, and did you grab anything from the sale?

Do you have any chambray and wedge contenders that I need to know about? Talk to me.


Current Favorites

I have been on the hunt for staple pieces I can wear throughout the spring and summer and have had far too much success lately {I blame NYC for that}.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorite pieces at the best prices.

I, of course, waited to buy the wedges when Macy's was having a 15% off sale and used my student discount at J.Crew.  So I dropped the price even more {woo}!

  I am a major scarf girl so I will pair this mint beauty with just about anything.  I could say the exact same for my new belt.  It adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit.  I am still searching for other wedges, but this is officially my first pair {I know, I'm a little late to get on the wedge train}.  I just couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.  Being 5'2", I wanted something that didn't go as high on the ankle so that my leg didn't get cut off.  But I am loving pairing these with skinny jeans at the moment, and the tassels truly are fun. Not only are these pieces practical, functional, and affordable, but they also make me smile when I wear them. Win, win, win and win.

What are your favorite finds for spring and summer thus far?


Stella & Dot Summer 2012 Collection

Stella & Dot did not disappoint with their Summer 2012 Collection.  In fact, I really could not have asked for more.  Pops of color? Yes.  Layering pieces? Yes. Branches? Yes {and yes you read that right}. Bangles that I am oh so desperate to own more of? Yes.  Renegade Cluster Bracelet now in silver?! Yes {needs to be layered with the gold immediately}.

See what I mean?

{shop the collection here

I'll leave you with the ultimate selection for a party on your arm.

What's your favorite piece from the collection? And what color do you plan to wear most of this summer? To make up for all the years I never wore pink (i.e. every year since this one), I plan on sporting pink any way possible.  Look out world!


Weekend Snapshots

Apparently, I took the quote from Friday quite literally, as I did make something this weekend, several things to be exact.

I finally got around to testing out some jewelry pieces.  I made two different bracelets and a necklace.  I also made the white bracelet in pink. I prefer the chain + suede one, but I couldn't resist making the fun white and pink ones for spring and summer.

You can see a pop of the pink one in how I wore the bracelets this weekend. It was fabulous getting to walk around in sandals this weekend.  I had missed that feeling.  Bring on the summer.
Then, I got really sick of the canvases that were above our couch, so I painted over them.  I look forward to using these pieces in a gallery wall, and I prefer them black and white because they will be easy to transition into a new apartment.

I have one more canvas I'm not crazy about {that is what happens when you buy in a hurry to fill up the white space in your apartment} so I'm thinking of painting it white and creating a pattern with small, filled in, black dots. We shall see.

It is officially my sister and my birthday week! I was so wonderfully greeted with emails for free Coldstone Creamery and Flat Top yesterday morning.  The perfect way to start a Sunday, if you will.  Needless to say, I will be indulging this week up until next Sunday, our actual birthday.

How were all of your weekends?


New Domain + Currently Craving

The blog domain has changed to an official .com! 


{insert fist pump here}

I'll leave you with some eye candy for your Sunday night.

We had a nice little taste of soon-to-be consistent summer temperatures this weekend.  It left me craving something scalloped, especially if it's pink, a mint blouse paired with gold chains, a pop of blue, and messy hair, flawless makeup + sunkissed skin.


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Make Something

After a long week and feeling sick and exhausted, I found myself in need of a major pick me up.  So instead of Friday's Fancies this week, I'm going to end my week with some much needed inspiration.  My friend shared this quote on Facebook the other day, and I decided that I to read it more often because it speaks true to how I'm feeling lately.  Yes, it is geared towards 20-somethings, but I think it is said so perfectly that others will appreciate it as well. 
Cheers to a productive Friday, staying positive & embracing the unknown.



New York Recap: Day 3

Day Three was sadly my last day in the fabulous city, and believe me, it did not disappoint.  This was by far my favorite day of the trip.  Julia and I finally made it to SoHo for some shopping and met up with Amanda earlier in the afternoon.  We had a really great chat about being real in blog posts and why we read the blogs that we do, and I was thrilled that we got to connect while I was in the city.  It was also great to hear more about IFB in person, and I'm excited to see what else they have up their sleeves. 

Julia and I then proceeded to have THE best, I repeat THE best lunch ever at Antique Garage. If you live in NYC or are visiting anytime soon, I strongly encourage you to go ASAP.  Not only was the food beyond delicious but the decor was simply breathtaking.  Everything about it was perfect.

 I couldn't have asked for a better night or group to cap off my trip to NYC. Roxy, Julia, Viv, Tamra, and I grabbed dinner in SoHo. The night was filled with delicious food and drinks, great conversation, and lots and lots of laughter. 

At Tamra's after dinner, I finally got to meet the famous Bella AND tried on the infamous shoes behind ever swoon.  Yes, I really did feel like a princess, and Bella and I really did hit it off.  

One last, very huge, THANK YOU to Julia for being an amazing host and to Viv for picking some amazing dinner and shopping spots that I enjoyed far more than I should have.  

I think I need to plan another trip immediately.

PS: Guess who gets to dance under the disco ball at Studio Swoon today?! That's right.  This lucky girl!  Head on over to Tamra's fabulous blog to check out my dinner date ensemble picks.  And then proceed to check out the rest of her amazing site and dance 'til dawn with us! xo


Egg Crate Jewelry Holder

I somehow wandered into Anthropologie yesterday and picked up this egg crate.  It is the perfect piece to keep my dainty jewelry organized.  Previously, these pieces were in little bags in my dresser, but it is so important to be able to see all of these smaller pieces otherwise they go forgotten.

What are some of your favorite ways to display jewelry? 
Happy organizing! xo


New York Recap: Day Two

Day Two was just as fabulous as the first.  We ate macaroons for breakfast to provide the necessary fuel for shopping, followed by Starbucks of course.  I wore some of my new Jessie James pieces because I just couldn't wait until I got home to wear them.

Dress {on sale} | Blazer {similar} | Boots | Necklace | Earrings 

We met the fabulous Mackenzie Horan for lunch, which was an absolute blast! And what would be a day of meeting Mackenzie without a little trip to J. Crew?! That was a must. Fun fact: Julia, Mackenzie, and I are all just over 5' so it was nice to have some equally short friends for the day.  After Mackenzie sadly had to leave us, Julia and I powered through and continued shopping {I know, I know tough life, but someone has got to do it}.  The Anthropologie by Rockefeller Center was seriously stunning inside.

Once exhaustion kicked in, we headed back to get ready to meet Viv and Christin for some drinks and a trip to Lombardi's where the pizza was beyond delicious.   You could say it was another day in heaven.


You can find me at two other lovely blogs today! I'm at The Lifestyle Guide  posting about Becoming a Better You.  I was so happy when Landi asked me to post because this is something I am truly working on lately.  I am also over at The Vault Files sharing what's in my makeup bag!  Gaby is one of my favorite blogging ladies and TVF is a daily read. Enjoy and thanks for having me, Landi and Gaby!


New York Recap Day One

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! My sister and I took spring cleaning to a whole new level while we were both home for the weekend and completely cleaned out our rooms, which was long overdue.  Then we proceeded to overindulge in Easter desserts as a reward and came home and cleaned some more.  Not too glamorous but oh so necessary.

On to my New York Recap.

Day One in New York was amazing.  I think I smiled for 24 hours straight, especially when we got to Laduree.  I had to take step by step pictures before indulging in my first true macaron.  HOLY AMAZING-NESS. Macarons are so much more than the Americanized ones I was used to.  Can't believe I have missed out on these for so many years.

Then we went to the Tory Burch Madison Ave Flagship that I mentioned last week.  The unbelievable customer service continued to make my day even better.  After my first day gallivanting around town, Julia and I met Viv for drinks before a shopping trip to Jessie James.  If you live in New York and haven't been there yet, I highly recommend that you get there ASAP. 

We ate a fabulous dinner and talked and talked the night away.  I could not have asked for a better first day in the city with such great ladies.

More to come tomorrow including some of my favorite jewelry finds at Jessie James!

How were your weekends?


Friday's Fancies::Flirty Floral

Happy Friday!

What a week it has been!  I got back from NYC yesterday and am going through withdrawals already.  I had such an amazing time, I can't give you just one recap so I will be filling you in on the trip next week. 

I chatted over at Fashion Truffles awhile back, sharing my feelings about floral.  My feelings have not changed since.  Floral pants are not getting near my body.  They're just not.  That being said, I still love a pop of floral.  I am a firm believer in investing in the basics and not spending a fortune on the trends that you may not be too crazy about in a few months. 

Basics: Sweater | Jeans
Floral: Scarf | Flats | Clutch | Sunglasses

All of the floral pieces are under $100, as they should be in my opinion.  The scarf and flats are especially a steal.  But like I said, the less I spend on a piece that's following a trend, the better. 

My personal preference would be to add a pop of floral with a scarf. I had one in my hands at Zara when I was in NYC, but let's just say Julia and I were not pleased after waiting in line just to try pieces on for 20 minutes and getting lots of sass along the way.  Waiting in line just for a scarf for another 20 minutes seemed ridiculous.  And now it's not on the website.  Tear.

Have your views on floral changed at all? Do tell.


Tory Burch Flagship Store

I never thought I could possibly love Tory Burch more than I already do, but then I went to her flagship store on Madison Ave on Monday.  I think I "died" three times in the store.  Once on each floor.  I can't even begin to explain how gorgeous the store is in person: it was stunning and beyond swoon worthy. Let's just say, purple + gold may be my new favorite color pairing.

Oh, here's the best part.  I purchased a wallet as a birthday present for myself last year (you do that too right?!), but it got pretty scuffed up.  Do you know what they did? They gave me a brand new one.  I simply asked if they had advice to clean it and had no intention of asking for a new one.  Low and behold, they made my first day in NYC even better by offering me the brand new beauty.

Like I said on Twitter earlier this week, New York City is my new happy place.

Hope you are all having a great week!  I am officially back to reality today as I head back to home sweet home Wisconsin. 

I will fill you in on the trip more next week as I got to meet so many amazing ladies and truly had the time of my life! Hopefully I'll be seeing them and city again in the very near future.


Wishful Wednesday

This Wishful Wednesday is all about home accessories.  It took me awhile to even begin to figure out my style, but it is definitely not what I have in my apartment right now.  These are some of the current pieces I have my eyes on.

Quartz Bookends | Gold Athena  Tray | Zinc Letters {C please} | Capri Blue Candle
Franklin Magnifier | Leopard Matches

I am loving gold, white, black, and grey with pops of accent colors and various textures. These pieces would each add a bit of personality to my current apartment, which it is so in need of at the moment.

What are some home accent pieces that you have been swooning over recently?


How I'd Wear It

Things I love: stripes and dresses. White and black. 

Which leads me to this gorgeous little number from Ann Taylor. 

1. Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses  2. MARC by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Shine Percy Python-Embossed Crossbody 
3. J.Crew Sevilla Wedge Espadrilles  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Ring  5. Stella and Dot La Coco Curb Chain

I love the mix of the classic dress with some bright pieces for the summer.  I only own the Folding Wayfarers, and they are perfect to throw in a crossbody bag or clutch, not to mention the tortoise is perfection.  

What are your thoughts on adding some bright accessories to a classic piece? 

I cannot wait to fill you in on the amazing-ness that is my trip to NYC.  The first day was absolutely incredible so I can't even imagine how great the rest of my week will be.  Julia is a fabulous host and Viv is just amazing.  We had such a fabulous Monday night.

Hope you're all having a great week! 


Weekend Snapshot

Happy Monday! I am New York bound this morning and so looking forward to a few days roaming around the city with some fabulous ladies. 

Packing, of course, was an adventure.  It was too hard to narrow down these accessories. So naturally, they all are coming with me.  Packing is not one of my strengths.

I also tested out another necklace for an arm party.  My white MK watch wanted in on the fun as well.  Although, I do still love my gold combinations.

Last but certainly not least, I discovered my love for monochromatic pairings.  This will be making an appearance in NYC.  And to think, I used to only own one pink sweater.  I am fully embracing my love for pink these days.  Better late than never, right?!

Besides packing, I got a munch needed mani/pedi, made it back to my happy place, Costco, went bowling with the boy and friends, and celebrated my uncle's birthday.  It was a fabulous weekend, filled with great friends and family!

How were your weekends?

See you soon New York!