Clean and Clutter Free

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

 On Saturday, I finally got around to cleaning out my bedroom at school.  I had done a major clean sweep at home, but now it was time to tackle the inevitable.  Bottom line: I have too much stuff. Thank goodness I had at least cleaned out and organized my closet at the end of March.

My desk was crammed, and I had so many old worksheets and notebooks that I NEVER, I repeat never look through.  Trust me, throwing them away was such a great feeling.  What did I do if I was slightly undecided about a piece? Took a picture of it on my handy dandy iPhone and then proceeded to throw it out. I also threw out every pen, marker, and/or highlighter that wasn't working and filed receipts and bills. Then I took it to another level.  I deleted old emails, old texts, old iPhone pictures that had been uploaded to my computer and just sitting taking up space on my phone.

I was able to be so much more productive Saturday night and yesterday morning because I wasn't distracted by so much clutter - even via technology.

Besides cleaning, I applied for more jobs and helped run a dance rehearsal all day yesterday.  Would you believe that I haven't graduated college yet? Who am I?

Anyways, have you gotten around to your spring cleaning? I promise it's worth it!

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christin said...

I so did that...with my desk at work last week :)

Now we need to do it at home this weekend!

Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

Every year of college, at the end of the semester, I dumped everything into the garbage. Such a great feeling. and PS when do you officially graduate??

pam {simple details} said...

Ahh, I felt your freedom from clutter through the computer screen, bet it feels great!! And, no I could use a little spring cleaning time!

Landi Lausen said...

That is literally the best feeling EVER. I'm about to do the same when I move to another apartment on May 25th - yyayyaaaa

Taylor said...

HI! Finally e-mailing you back today I promiseeee :) Such a good feeling to get clean and organized - it'll make the last weeks at school so much easier when the time comes to head out.... I still remember the hell of Sunday AM after graduation trying to get the U-Haul packed up and out the door!!!

Laura said...

I love de-cluttering :) it's great for the mind! That white bed looks dreamy!

Laura xo

la petite fashionista said...

Since I'm moving out of my place I've been in major purging mode! Feels good to get rid of things and start fresh, I feel you!

Soo close to graduation!