ABC, Easy as 1, 2, 3

If you're like me and need closure from that song after reading the title, check it out here :) Do a little dance while you're getting ready this morning.

When decorating, pillows are some of my favorite pieces to add to a room.  I love the endless options of colors, textures and sizes.  We're still talking about pillows here so get your minds out of the gutter folks. 

Have you seen the Scrabble pillows yet?? I would love to have these somewhere around my apartment or even in my future classroom!  How fun could it be for the little nuggets to move the tiles pillows around on the carpet in the room to spell out new words.  I think these would be a great hands-on activity for them.  Heck I'd probably want them in my apartment and in my classroom.  Here are some different ways to incorporate these pillows in your home:

Each of these brings a new element into the room, and you could even make these as a DIY project.  I hope to get around that one day.

Until then, maybe if I get these pillows I can improve my Words with Friends games where I am seriously taking a beating from everyone I play except for my younger brother (thanks for the confidence booster K!)

What words would you want to spell with these pillows??

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Ode to lululemon

Happy Monday!

I hope you didn't have to snooze as many times as I did to get out of bed on this rainy day.  And no I won't tell you how many times I hit the snooze button...it's embarrassing.  New goal for the week: get OUT of bed upon first alarm.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

I'd like to take the time to introduce you to one of my best friends, lululemon.  She's reliable, supportive, and laughs at my jokes.  

In all seriousness, I had the privilege of working at the Madison Showroom at the beginning of 2011.  Due to an incredible job opportunity working with little first graders this summer back home, I had to say goodbye see you later to my fellow lemonheads (did I mention that this was really hard because they are some of the coolest chicks I know).  Thankfully I still had my friends at the Milwaukee Showroom to visit so I could fill my lululemon void and just hang out with some pretty spectacular people.   

Besides the incredible people and complimentary yoga EVERY Saturday (that means yoga for FREE), the products are just out of this world.  I wouldn't even know where to begin if I had to pick my favorite pieces.

OK FINE, I'll pick them:

Wunder Under Crop: life changing.
I wear these with and for EVERYTHING.  With tennis shoes, with boots, with flats, did I say boots yet?  They also have Wunder Under Pants, which are pretty fantastic as well.

Cool Racerback (Not RaZerback, like I mistakenly called it for two weeks)
This piece is essential.  Wear it as is or use to layer.  I personally love a bright, neon sports bra under these bad boys. 

Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve 
It has thumbholes, what is not to love? This top has mesh venting in high sweat areas and the incredible silverescent--go to a store or showroom and ask them what this is all about.  

The Mat.
This completely changed my yoga practice.  Let's be real.  I sweat...a lot.  Do you too?  Have no fear, this mat is incredibly grippy and also provides a lot of cushion during your practice.

I decided to stop at four because I could go on and on and on and on...well you get the point.  I highly recommend checking out your local lululemon store or showroom.  Even if it's not to shop, at least try a new yoga class or talk to the educators and managers about great studios/gyms in your area.

You had me at Namaste.

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Fall is in the Air

On Friday, my aforementioned awesome roomie and I went to an amazing apple orchard.  I truly could not have asked for a better day.  While we couldn't find the McIntosh apples, we settled for Cortland, and if I do say so myself, made a pretty delish Apple Crisp later that night served a la mode. Nom, nom, nom.  Even though we were the only ones besides parents above the age of 4, we managed to have a jolly 'ole time and took home a bag of apples and some apple cider.  Perfection.

Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor teacher away :)

What's on your fall bucket list?  Things I still want/hope to do:

1. Corn maze
2. Haunted House
3. Pumpkin Patch
4. Decorate/carve Pumpkins

(photo taken at Eplegarden)


US Shipping for Zara

Just in case you've been living under a rock...Zara is now shipping to the US, which is great for Wisconsinites like myself who do not have the joy of a Zara near by.  Here are some of my favorite drool worthy pieces...

So maybe I need to spice up my color selections a tad, but I can't help but go back to the basics.

What are you currently swooning over at Zara??

(all images via Zara)

Why hello, it's been awhile...

What can I say?  I didn't hold up my end of the bargain about blogging more often.  Time to re-focus and get back at it :) Today is my first official day as a blogger.

I'm thinking of adding a new spin to my blog.  As I begin my last year at what I would refer to as the best college around, UW-Madison, I am slowly beginning the job search to become a REAL teacher.  Who would've thought that after five years, I would finally see that day?? While I love everything about teaching, especially the little nuggets, I am also always on a fashion/interior design/wedding blog.  I'm a little ahead of myself on the whole wedding thing, but what can I say I'm a sap for them plus my amazing roommate is too.  Speaking of my roommate and weddings, we're  about to watch new Say Yest to the Dress from last night.  Yes, I should be watching the Badger game, and yes, I most definitely should be working on my pages and pages of reading for next week, but oh well.  That's what updates on my phone are for right??

Here are some of my wedding inspiration pictures from Pinterest:

 Simple and elegant.
 Purple perfection.
Why hello pockets.

Okay, now back to reality.  I got to meet my AMAZING first graders yesterday.  It was Packer day-- meant to be.  This will be a huge adventure for me, and I am looking forward to learning tons and tons from my seriously incredible Cooperating Teacher (CT), and I'm looking forward to sharing it on this blog!

Last but not least, shout out to my beloved Brewers!! Being a Wisconsin sports fan has been pretty fantastic this past year.

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