A-Z Series: H is For

Have you checked out Gigi's fabulous blog yet: Glam OR Sham? If not, I'm happy to send you her way today.  In her outfit posts, she pairs high and low pieces together beautifully, inspiring you to create new ensembles without breaking the bank.
I was giddy when asked to share my favorite things that start with the letter H. (Thank you, Carly!)  Immediately, these four things came to mind:

What women doesn't lust over the drool-worthy Hermes collection? Though I don't currently own a bag, that doesn't mean I can't daydream about having one.  I will rub it, kiss it, and love it, and I'll send you pictures so you can love it, too.  One day....

I will never get tired of shopping at H&M.  Their collection is always expanding and it's consistently flooded with trendy, fashion forward pieces.  And, let's not forget how crazy affordable it is.  You can literally buy three outfits for under $100.  Win!

Oh, how I love Tory Burch.  My husband gave me the red Amanda Hobo for Christmas, and it immediately became my favorite handbag. . .ever.  It's spacious, practical, and absolutely gorgeous.  If you follow my blog then you may be tired of seeing it.  Saweee.

Happy Anniversary by OPI is the perfect shade for the spring.  It's a silver-y tone with the perfect  hint of shimmer.  What's not to love?

[images via one, two, three, four]

Thank you so much for sharing these fabulous H items with us today, Gigi! You really can't go wrong with a Hobo bag, and the hubby did a spectacular job on yours!

I'm also loving heels.  All heels, preferably platform though. Aside from heels, I don't know how I would make it through the rainy days without my Hunter boots. And let us not forget about the fabulous-ness that is, House of Harlow. Here is one of my favorite necklaces.


Any other H items I'm missing?

xoxo Carly


Dana Frieling@ Make Them Wonder said...

So wishing an H&M would make its way to our city. Maybe someday! Oh, and HUGS are on my H list!

pam {simple details} said...

I always love checking out what Gigi's wearing...great style! We just got an H&M in Denver, woohoo! Don't know what I'd do without my HATS for my bad hair days!

Laura [Beauty & the Beard] said...

I'm 100% with you on house of harlow. Neeed that necklace!

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

hermes, please...and thank you. In my dreams at least! Love all of these!

GiGi Reed said...

Yay! Thanks for having me, Carly. I can't wait to read the rest of the series! :)

Liz {Sequins And Stripes} said...

So much H goodness in this post!!

Viviana said...

Hermes, Hermes, Hermes. That's the H that comes to mind ;)

Julia - the Urban Slant said...

Love Hermes. Great thing that starts with H. I'm also just loving being Happy. Dorky but true.

sampenner said...

I adore GiGi's blog! I am also a fellow admirer of Hermes and H&M.



Whit said...

I love Hermes! I worked as a PR intern in their Manhattan office in college, so I got to be around all the beautiful bags, clothes, shoes, everything! Everything there is just stunning.


Shannon Marie said...

I'm a new follower :) I love the ideas of ABC's with favorites! Have a perfect day! xo

A Casa da Vá said...

Oh my that necklace is just fabulous!

Beijos from South Florida,

Michelle Montgomery@Chic Little Things said...

I just DIE for that necklace!! Love House of Harlow!


Champagne Cocktails, Cashmere Dreams said...

I really love House of Harlow jewelry too and that necklace is amazing (I am pretty obsessed with statement necklaces at the moment).

Just did a post on Hermes yesterday too ;)


L.A. in the bay said...

love it all!

Rachel {Little Bits of Lovely} said...

Gigi has great style - I'm a lover of Hermes and H&M too! I adore the House of Harlow necklace too! xx

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Oh I love the H!

jillian nicole said...

Love that shimmery OPI colour!

silvergirl said...

hi i popped over from Glam or Sham
enjoying your A-Z series
looking forward to finishing the alphabet with you

Mae said...

hermes and heels! you covered everything...what else is there?!

Classic Glam Blog said...

Ah-dore your blog.So creative!

Are you classic? Are you glamorous? Then be a Classic+Glam Member!


I'm a newbie-- your support is needed! *Please, do me the honor of following?

Thanks much!

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

So many fantastic things for H! Love this series!

Shannon said...

Great list. I'm obsessed with that House of Harlow necklace.


Lexi said...

This is such a sweet post -- and who doesn't want a Hermes bag!? *sigh*
♡ Lexi
FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

Courtney said...

Just found your blog through Julia (Aka The Urban Slant) & I love it! H&M, Hobos, and Hermes are definitely some of my favorite H's! Looking forward to following your blog! : )

XoXo ~ Courtney