Random Facts

Tomorrow the blog will be receiving a much needed face lift that I am oh so excited about.  In honor of the big day, I thought I would do a little "New blog, same me" post for ya.  Get ready for some random facts about yours truly.

1. I'm a twin.  I'm one minute older to be exact.  I will rub that in until it is not cool to be the oldest anymore.  Our little brother K will always be the youngest though.
2. I have had glasses since I was two.
3. Along with those glasses, I had to wear a patch on one eye because of a lazy eye.  No pictures will be shown of that, but here is just how cool I looked:

4. I have been Irish dancing since I was six with Trinity Academy of Irish Dance.  Successfully "quit/retired" three times from competing only to make it back somehow to compete as a "Senior Lady." Yes, I'm old in Irish dance land.  But I consider so many Trinity dancers and instructors my family, and it will always be a huge part of my life.  Here's a picture after a show at Milwaukee Irish Fest with some of the fabulous members of Different Drums of Ireland:

5. I have been fortunate enough to get to travel the world with Trinity.  Our dance tour in Japan two summers ago is one of my all time favorite memories, closely followed by our trip to Belgium my freshman year of high school.  This little boy made my day in Japan.  After the show, he came up and punched me in the stomach and ran away.  Little did he know, he would see me in a workshop later that night, teaching Irish dance. 

6. I am in my 10th and final semester at UW-Madison, studying Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish.
7. I teach Irish dance and love it dearly (obviously).
8. One time I ate an entire container of dark chocolate covered edamame from Trader Joes in one sitting.  I wish I were kidding. I love dark chocolate.
9. I can turn into the meanest person you've ever met if I'm really hungry (i.e. hangry).  Just ask my sister.
10. I strongly dislike seafood.
11. I have an extreme Type-A personality (I also hate being grammatically incorrect so it's bugging me that I don't know if I should put have or am in this sentence).  Lists, post-it notes, and highlighters make the world a better place.
12. I love the Green Bay Packers with all of my heart.  If you have a connection to Aaron or Clay, do tell!

Ya, I'd say that's random enough! Feel free to share a random fact about yourself! Always fun to get to know other bloggers!


Laura [Beauty & the Beard] said...

seriously girl, trademark :hangry:. you'll thank me one day.

christin said...

I'm just going to go out on a limb here, but I think you're glasses and eye patch are pretty damn cool. Do a lot of people get to claim they're pirates? I think not.

Everyone has their "things" you know? I'd say yours are way, way, way cooler than mine.

Also, Irish dancing is tremendously hard so mad props to you for keeping it up for all the years!

Erika [small shop] said...

Love this post! We don't hear enough of the little details about each other. So fun to know more about you!!

Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

Love this post! You are on talented lady. So impressed with your dancing skills. And I agree, seafood... ick!! Can't wait to see the new design tomorrow.

Mae said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!! First of all you're just about the cutest thing I've ever seen in the childhood photo! And a twin! :) adorable!
So excited to see your new design tomorrow!

Dana Frieling@ Make Them Wonder said...

I hate seafood too. Yet another thing we have in common!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Yay for a blog makeover! I loooove Irish pipes like you have no idea! Can you also do an Irish accent? Love that accent too.
Hey, anytime you want to practice some Spanish, I'm all here (I was born in Venezuela).
Fun post! Loved reading more about you ;)

Laura said...

Great post Carly! Can't wait to see the new design :) xo

Lauren {Stylized Existence} said...

This post is great! One of my sorority sisters, Christina, was an Irish dancer too - she is obsessed and we always made her do it when she was drunk at parties in college (Oh, collegeeee.....) LOVE that baby photo of you and your sis, too :)

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

Aw you were adorable!!! I loved this post, love all the little details. So so cute!!! Can't wait to see the new design!

GiGi Reed said...

Sooooo cute! This post just made me smile. You really are darling and I'm am such a fan of your blog. :)

Design is... All in the Detail said...

VERY CUTE!!!! Thanks for sharing... can't wait to see the new blog look.

pam {simple details} said...

Too cute, Carly! Love the Type A and grammar, that is so me!

L.A. in the bay said...

How adorable, you are a twin! so cute!! I am type a too!