Blog Series

Is it Monday yet?!  Tomorrow will be the first day of my first blog series...I know big deal right?!  While it will be longer in length, I am so excited for the series to begin!  I started blogging just a few months ago, and cannot thank you enough for all of the wonderful comments/emails I have received.  I have discovered some amazing blogs written by even more amazing/inspiring/just all around cool ladies.  

I thought what better way to kick off 2012 than to share with you some of my favorite bloggers' favorite things A-Z as well as mine! I will kick off the series tomorrow with some seriously great ladies (25 to be exact) following throughout the next month.  I will be posting the A-Z favorites Monday-Thursday and will be leaving Fridays open for my Friday's Fancies posts because I just love them.  I am sure I will be doubling up on posts some days just so I can get my two cents in on whatever I'm thinking about that day.  I hope you get as inspired as I have been from these bloggers and maybe (I hope) you'll find some blogs you have yet to stumble upon.  


GO PACK GO! And see you for Day One of the series tomorrow!

xoxo Carly


Jalon Burton said...

I can't wait...
Have a great Sunday!!

Jackie {York Avenue} said...

Ooh sounds like a fun series! Can't wait to discover some great new blogs :)

Francis said...

Awesome. I used to blog but I stopped awhile back and now I'm at it again. I'm looking to add some to my list. ;)

sampenner said...

Ohhhh I am so excited to see this series and all the inspiration it brings. Already half way through my T post! Happy Sunday, love~



la petite fashionista said...

love your blog! we seem to have very similar style :) I just moved from florida about a year ago to work for Lands' End. I'm always in madison because my boyfriend lives there -- i'm loving the midwest so far!

must keep in touch!


Mae said...

I can't wait for all these posts! YAYYY!

Julie said...

I've loved looking around your blog, I can't wait to keep reading your A-Z series...very neat idea! I'm a new follower : )


Un coup d'aile said...

i love these series!!!