Sponsored: Protect Your Pumps

Protect Your Pumps is the new, easy, and effective way to protect the soles of your high heel shoes.  We've all been there before...you wear your brand new beauties and by the end of the night they look like they've been worn for ten years {this literally just happened with my neon beauties}.
Real talk: Regardless of the price or style of your shoe, Protect Your Pumps will help you keep them looking as good as new.  The life of your shoe will also increase, avoiding the cost to have them resoled.  The adhesive is easy to apply and will need to be changed after several wears. Brilliant, right?
So to all of those shoe hoarders lovers out there {my obsession began with tennis shoes in middle school and quickly transitioned to black pumps throughout high school and college}, this product is for you!

Protect Your Pumps is so kindly offering A Simple Affair readers 15% off their purchase made today. Just use code 'CARLY' at checkout! Enjoy and happy protecting!


Landi {Freckled Confessions} said...

Great idea!! Who comes up with these things!??

CY said...

Ooh! What a good idea. Thanks for sharing!


Jaclyn Giuliano said...

I need these! I wear my shoes to death and I hate seeing them get so marked up. Thanks for sharing.

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