From the Kitchen

Sweet Potatoes For Croutons

Remember this post? I'm trying! This is one of my new favorite little additions to the dinner table.  I really do love croutons, typically dipped in ranch or caesar dressing so I needed something that would still give me that crouton 'crunch' and this was my solution. Simple and delicious.



Susan said...

Wow! What a good idea! This looks delicious, I definitely want to try it!

Lauren {Stylized Existence} said...

I love sweet potatoes but I never thought of letting them get crunchy enough to be a sub for a crouton... that is a great idea! Thanks!

alongobucco said...

What a great idea! I've never thought to let them get crunchy.

The Glossy Life

Anonymous said...

Yum! Looks delicious!

Katie Wilkes said...

good idea! I love sweat potatoes. Have you ever tried them in a black bean burrito? surprisingly delish.

Miss Southern Prep said...

YUM! I love sweet potatoes!

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