DIY Coasters

This past weekend my mom and I brought out our crafty sides that we hadn't fully embraced since she was my Girl Scouts leader, and well, that was a long time ago. She chose to use some scrapbook paper and mod podged it to the tiles and then used three coats of mod podge over the paper. I chose to use some spray paint. We both tried some acrylic paint but didn't get clean enough lines. The one paint we didn't mind was a glitter gold because we didn't notice as many areas where the lines weren't perfect thanks to the glitter.

Tile and Spray Painted Coasters, Materials Needed

I used one small strip of tape in between each strip instead of measuring anything-that sure sped up the process.

Don't spray too much paint-been there, done that, didn't work. I actually love the ombre-esque effect on this set.

This is the really important part! Take tape off right away for crisp lines!

To Finish Off The Coasters:

+ Let dry // I left them overnight just for kicks and giggles.
+ Coat with Mod Podge // I used 2 coats because I didn't want it to get too thick.
+ Cut cork into squares // My mom was a rock star with this. She cut 4x4 inch squares with the help of her handy-dandy X-ACTO knife + a ruler, of course, and I did the gluing {a skill in and of its own I tell ya}.
+ Place books on top of coasters to make sure the cork adheres to tile.

And simply enjoy your morning drink of choice: mine would be Chai Tea thank you very much.

Happy weekend, lovelies! xo


Rachel said...

What a cute and easy idea! It's amazing the things you can do with Mod Podge.

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Looove this, brilliant!

Tiffany Leigh Interior Design said...

So pretty and simple!

Julia - the Urban Slant said...

So cute!! love this.

la petite fashionista said...

i LOVE these. would make the perfect holiday gift!

Alex [AdoredbyAlex] said...

These are beyond adorable! You've definitely inspired me to get crafty! Happy Friday, xox

Taylor said...

those are so cute!!! i may have to make these as gifts!


Nat said...

So cute!! What a great idea!

Leanne said...

Such a cute idea!!! I think I'll be giving it a try!

Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Would you like to follow each other?

Love from South Africa


meghan said...

I swear. This is so easy. Even I could do it. I have everything but the tiles. You've had the neatest stuff on your blog lately. Thanks!

Rain Aroma said...

i love this carly! so adorable. hope all is well

Viviana said...

These are so cute! I may need to try this stat.

caviar taste said...

This is so clever! I am totally going to have to give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing.. Love me a great DIY!

erica said...

Love these! What a cute idea! xx

FlawlessFashionistaStyles said...

Very unique & thanks for sharing! Would you like to follow each other? Btw I'm hosting a free giveaway on my blog feel free to enter :)



Karen (littlepiecefnb) said...

Such a neat tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

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