Weekend Snapshot

Happy Monday Friends!

What a wonderful first weekend of winter break.  We celebrated K turning 18 and surprised him with a [large] family get together.  My family is nothing short of loud and hilarious.  It's always a wonderful time.  I'm choosing to ignore the fact that the Packers lost.  Please don't talk to me about it.  Then I got to spend the night with Boyfriend B's family, re-celebrating his mom's birthday, his cousin's engagement (still so excited for you two and happy belated birthday W), and his amazing grandma's return from Florida for the holidays! Did I mention we get to visit her in January? I've been counting down the days to some relaxation poolside and sunshine and not to mention great company.

My goal for this Monday: finish wrapping! I got a good start this weekend, but each time I think I'm close to being done, I remember another gift.  I found these monogram labels while lesson planning procrastinating last week. 

I thought they would be a fun way to spice up my gifts this year.  I went to Michaels again with my 40% off coupon and bought a circle cutter (no I don't remember the official name).  I used extra paper to make the solid color circles.  I hate seeing it go to waste.  I'm linking up with Ashley at a {little} dash of ash for her Instagram Mondays.

I've also been perfecting my bow-making-skills.  For extended family, I'm going with a simple look.
How is wrapping going for you?  Did I mention that when I came home for break I had presents under the tree from Rachel Zoe and Clay Matthews?  Does my mom know me or what?


Whitney Cosgrave said...

sounds likea nice time!

(Eileen) a creative day said...

Such fun wrapping ideas! Want to see the finished product :-)

Thanks for stopping by a creative day!


Johanna said...

You're wrapping looks darling. I'm afraid I was shoving gifts in bags today. Shameful.

That Brunette One said...

Love your wrapping!

Amelia @ House Pretty said...

Love the monograms! I really like the simple wrapping and you have mad bow-making skills :) I need to work on mine!

sampenner said...

OMG those monogram labels are so wonderful! I wish I had them in time for my own wrapping!

Have a great holiday season dear.



Brittany E. said...

Yeah I know I'm not supposed to talk about but I was devestated by the Packer's lost. I wanted to cry! And to the Chiefs of all things! Grrr. Ha, I needed to vent!

I love how you wrapped your gifts! I just did mine with some cheap paper. I'm such a slacker! Merry Christmas!

InteriorGroupie said...

Love the monogrammed letters on there!