I Hope You Like It

My mother has always been an amazing gift giver, and I like to think that she has passed this trait on to me [I hope others would agree].  She listens. It's nothing magical.  I have become a year-round listener as well and shop very far in advance.  In addition to listening to what others like, my mom and I both have Pinterest to rely on for some extra help in the gift giving department. Pinterest can take gift giving to a new extreme.  Not only can you find specific items that your friends and family adore, but you can also get an idea for their general style.  My mom strategically viewed my Accessories board on Pinterest as I found these pretty presents under the tree this year:

The perfect pink, if you will:
 Source: Nailstah via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Matte Top Coat-how did I just discover this?

The perfect pop of color:
 Source: Shop Design Spark via Sara on Pinterest

Moral of the story: pin what you really do like because you may actually get it one day all wrapped up in a pretty bow.

What's on your Pinterest wish list?


sampenner said...

What a great idea! You are right- Pinterest is the perfect way to figure out your friend's style. That necklace is gorgeous! So glad you got those fun things in your stocking. :)



Dana Frieling@ Make Them Wonder said...

Totally agree! I did this with my daughter's teacher this year. Bet she was glad to get something she wanted instead of another bag of fudge!

GiGi Reed said...

Absolutely love that OPI polish, it's so elegant. Cute post. I'm happy to be following you! :)


Johanna said...

Aren't moms the best? It's true...being a good listener makes you an awesome gift giver. I love buying gifts for others!

Recently Roached said...

Isnt Pinterest great? :) love that necklace!

Viviana said...

That really is the perfect pink! Pinterest is just the best ;)

pam {simple details} said...

I wouldn't have thought of that! Great idea! I think that's my everyday go-to color - bubble bath?

The life after said...

I love the nude nail polish. I also have the Essie mat top coat and love it!

The Life After

Erika [small shop] said...

Oh my you are both so thoughtful! Genius gift givers, I never even thought of usin Pinterest.
And the matte coat is way cool!

Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

I love the nail polish...very cool!

Ma Vie said...

The polishes are amazing the color and all the pink one is just beautiful so neutrial and classy