Currently Dreaming Of: New iPhone 4 Case

The header is finally updated--Merry Christmas to yours truly!

Thanks so much for your patience and for still coming back and reading.  It means more than you know.

 Even thought I'm happy about this, you will never guess what happened yesterday.  Yes, I'm being overly dramatic.

 [wah, wah]

Well, that didn't last too long.  I have only had my iPhone since August.  My brother and I were persistent enough to get my parents to switch from Sprint to Verizon.  We even created a PowerPoint presentation about the benefits of the switch, but we never had to use it.  And no, I do not miss Sprint or my Blackberry ONE bit.  I used to throw the Blackberry around because it was good for nothing and the people at Sprint knew me as that girl because I had to visit them at least once a month. 

Anyways, back to my sad tale.  My first problem is that I stupidly place my phone on my lap while I drive because I always miss a call when it's in the cup holder.  Don't worry I don't text and drive, and I only answer the phone if it's important.  I always forget and leave it on my lap and when I get out of the car, I see my little baby fly through the air and smash on the ground.  It's not pretty, friends.  And no this is not how it broke. I had it in a sweatshirt pocket, and I pulled it out and this happened.  Really, iPhone case? You lost to my sweatshirt? 

On the upside: I think this is a blessing in disguise as I have been dreaming of new iPhone cases.  Early Christmas gift to me?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 

So what do you think?  Which one do you think will go well with my white iPhone 4?

Help a girl out!


Britta said...

I've been eyeing the monogrammed ones myself! So cute. The gold dot Kate spade was recommended on fitnessista.com (another fav blog) too!

Viviana said...

The monogrammed ones are so pretty and classy! I would definitely go with one of those...

Nora said...

I got my monogram case from Etsy, you'll love it and i got mine here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/rrpage

sampenner said...

The way you told that story was so cute. Love the "wah wah..." LOL.

Jonathan Adler has great iPhone cases as does J Crew! I actually posted about 1 today.



navy and orange said...

I love the personalized ones!

xoxo navy & orange

Jackie {York Avenue} said...

LOVE your new header! So so pretty. Thanks for following me! I love your blog, I'm excited to follow you :). The Marc Jacobs case is pretty awesome, and Kate Spade has some great ones as well!

Lexi said...

I'm in desperate need of a new case as well. Love the gold polka dot kate spade case!
xx Lexi
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トリー バーチ(tory burch) said...

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Lucy said...

Lovely...just lovely!

iPhone 4s Cases