Holiday Centerpiece

Yes, the blog is still under construction.  Everything is changed except for the title.  Sorry folks.  Even if the blog is not perfect, I had to share this craft with you that my mom and I finished this morning:

My inspiration came from this image on Pinterest:

My mom and I realized that we hadn't crafted together since I was in Girl Scouts.  Seriously.  Needless to say, we had to stock up on supplies.  This craft cost us $14.21 total.  I used several coupons at Michaels.  Never leave home without them. 

Wine bottles (had these already)
White primer spray
Craft bond
Epsom salt
Glitter spray (optional)
Sticks/twigs from yard
Pinecones (had these already)
Ornaments (had these already)
Platter (had one already)

Here's the step-by-step process:

Step One:  I decided I wanted to take the labels off of the bottles just in case I would see them when we spray painted them.  I chose five differently shaped bottles and ended up only using three.  Thanks to our neighbor Mrs. W for saving some of her bottles for our craft!!  All I did was soak them in hot water and dish soap.  I had a lot of errands to run so they soaked for about 3-4 hours.  The labels peeled off easily.  Turns out one of them wasn't a label at all. 

Step Two:   Spray the bottles with white primer.  We probably should have done this part outside, but at least we opened our screen door?  We did this part right before we went to bed and just let them dry overnight.  They looked just as great when we woke up this morning.

Step Three: Spread out epsom salt.  Then spray bottles with craft bond and roll the bottles in epsom salt.  During this part, some of our primer was coming off.  Not much at all, but enough that we noticed.  We tried different strategies to prevent this.  I would recommend picking up the bottle and then rolling again or spraying the bottle and then pick up the epsom salt in your hand and spread it on yourself instead of rolling.

Step Four: Collect twigs/sticks in your backyard.  We sprayed them with silver glitter spray.  It's kind of hard to see, but I'm still glad we did this to add a little more to the twigs.  Then arrange them how you like in the wine bottles.

Step Five: I asked my mom if she had any trays/platters to put these on.  Of course she did.  We used one from the dollar store and spread the left over epsom salt we had used to put on the bottles.  This way we weren't wasting it.  I grabbed some extra pinecones I had, and my mom grabbed some extra ornaments, and we placed them around the tray wherever our hearts so desired.

I love the natural elements, and we are so happy with how they turned out!  

Are you still crafting at all or have you moved on to wrapping? More on that tomorrow.

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Laura and Michael said...

LOVE those! Nice job Carly!!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

What an awesome use for used bottles! Love this idea!

Tamara Nicole said...

Oooh I did that project too! LOVE it. I used silver and gold spray paint. Good job hun:-)


pam {simple details} said...

Your own winter wonderland! They look great! LOVE your new name, it will look perfect with your header!

Recently Roached said...

Def have these pinned! Super cute! I'm saving our bottles do I can do this!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

I have seen this picture repined a thousand times, but your are the first person I have seen actually do the project! They look awesome... and totally stay able after Christmas!


sampenner said...

ohhhhh what a beautiful fun craft idea! I love it! And I love your blog! Glad to be your newest follower, dear. :)



jamie @ [kreyv] said...

What a great blog! You blog about all of my favorite things, too! AND, I used to teach second grade!

Ashley {styleash} said...

I seem to have an embarrassing amount of empty wine bottles after a holiday party this weekend- this is the perfect way to get some use out of them. Although, I'm not sure mine will turn out quite as cute!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Lovin' this copy cat idea...looks GREAT!!!


Punctuation Mark said...

that is such a cool DIY... love it!

Amelia @ House Pretty said...

Love this! So simple, but so pretty!