Colored Denim

This post is in honor of my dear friend A who I had the pleasure of being neighbors with in the big 'ole Kappa Kastle.  We finally got a chance to catch up for just a little last week (a little time is better than no time), and she told me I should write about colored denim.  Done and done. 

The pair she just purchased gets to be number one because it's my favorite and well this post is in her honor so that's just how things work around here.  I put them in order of the ones I would be most likely to wear to least likely to wear.  The bright colors just freak me out a little bit for pants.  When I wear skinny jeans, I have always been a fan of black as a means to keep my legs looking as slim as possible with this trend.  I think my Irish dancing thighs could look frightening in the bright blue pair.  No exaggeration.  Do you know any Irish dancers? Add calves to the list as well.  Two comments that stick out to me from middle school: "It looks like you have a shoe in your leg" and "When I look at your legs, I think of a horse."  Oh, thanks friends, that was just what I wanted to hear during those extremely awkward middle school years. 

But just because they may not look great on me, doesn't mean I don't love this trend.  I have seen girls that look phenomenal in these bright and tight pants.

Bright and Tight
one / two / three / four / five / six

What are you thoughts on this trend? Do you own colored denim? If so, what colors? Are they flattering? Tell me everything.  And then some.


Viviana said...

I think I own about 5 pairs of colored denim! I loooove them! You should try the Rag and Bone ones. They fit so well!

cate @ wildruffle said...

I own a bunch of different versions - my favorite right now is my red pair. I'm getting a pair of colored matchstick cords (in a dusty pink) from JCrew. The matchstick is great because it's almost a skinny, but the ankle is just a little straighter. It might be a good fit for you!:)

Breanna said...

I am loving the colored denim :)
I just haven't found the right color!


pam {simple details} said...

I love them, but don't own any yet, I found some inexpensive ones at New York & Co. that fit nice, not too tight, but they were out of my size...I want some! I think they'll be great for spring, too.

Julie M said...

I was very unsure of them when our buyers said they were coming in this fall.... but I love them now! I prefer the more mature colors (wine, olive, etc) but I know that the brights will be everywhere this spring. These are the ones I might be getting for Christmas...!


When styling customers the biggest thing we tell them to remember is that you DON'T have to be matchy matchy! For example we paired those wine colored AG's with a black/white/burnt orange missoni print wrap and it looked great.

Recently Roached said...

I'm not sure I can pull them off, so I haven't bought any. Maybe I should. I guess I associate colored denim with hipsters.. Haha which isn't true at all.

hi, i'm natalie :) said...

I adore colored denim. I wore red denim just last night actually! Colored pants are just so fun and can instantly brighten up an outfit. I tend to gravitate towards neutral sweaters so colored pants are a nice contrast for me.

Julia - the Urban Slant said...

I just got my first colored denim a month ago and I'm obsessed! I opted for dark purple paige denim, and a navy blue paige pair. They are So flattering and instantly make any outfit fun. I wear them with patterned tops and neutrals. Definitely invest in a pair. if you're worried about being too bright -- go my route and do a more subdued color choice. xoxo

Kristen said...

I am looking for an off-red color!

Cute blog by the way!

Just when you thought

sarah, flourish design + style said...

I haven't.. but totally admire girls in them all the time! xS

Emily Schnur said...

We have the middle jeans (if those are the terracotta J brands) at the boutique ive been working at... check it out