Gift Giving

Christmas came early in our little apartment this year.  J and I are having a small holiday party next week, and I believe our conversation went  a little something like this:

J: Well, we won't have enough wine glasses.
Me: Well, would you like to open your Christmas presents early?
J: Really?
Me: Really!
J: Then you can open yours.
Me: Really?
J: Really!
{We both open in unison}

It was pretty perfect if you ask me.  So what's the big secret for gift giving? LISTEN.  Several months ago J mentioned that she wanted stemless wine glasses.  I got these last year from my wonderful Aunt B and loved them so much I knew I had to get J some too.  So now you know what were in these wrapped presents.  Good thing I wrapped them early.  These can make a perfect gift for a sister, mom, roommate, or girlfriend as well.

I am by no means a wine connoisseur.  In fact, I'm one of those girls who only drinks overly sweet white wine.  And I understand the lack of a stem in these glasses makes swirling more of a challenge.  But do I ever do that? No.  So I love these glasses.

dishwasher safe
easy to store
chic look
great for serving other beverages

Do you have any stemless wine glasses?  What are your thoughts on them?


Daniela said...

I have wine glass with stems but they're small, like in the 2nd row of your picture. I want bigger ones like in the 3rd row :)

Ashley said...

My boyfriend's sister works at Pottery Barn and got me a set for Christmas last year. They really are the perfect gift!

Michelle ~ Make Life Pretty said...

We have a set of these, and my husband LOVES them. I don't drink wine, but they look pretty awesome in our cabinet.

pam {simple details} said...

Have them.
Love them.
Want more.
They were a gift! :)

travelkate said...

Haha what did you get as a gift? I have wine glasses with a stem, but I would love to get some stemless, much more practical!

Carly {xoxo teacherista} said...

So glad to hear you all agree :)

Kate-I got a top from Zara that I love! She said as soon as she saw it she thought of me, and she was spot on. And of course some fuzzy Christmas socks because I can never have enough of them.

Design Blooms said...

I LOVE LOVE those glasses, we don't have any (I really don't know why) but they really are so much easier than the stem glasses. If my husband read this post he would die! He's an avid wait til' Christmas gift guy.

Laura and Michael said...

LOVE them! I actually just picked up 6 of them from the dollar store nearby- half for drinking out of and half for turning into tealight holders!