Essie to the Rescue

A wonderful lady that I had the privilege to live under the same roof with for a year and a half (why did you have to go abroad?!) will always hold a place near and dear to my heart.  She constantly reiterated the importance of keeping well-manicured nails, and you could always count on M to have some envy-worthy nails.  No, this is not the only reason I like her.  C'mon folks you know me better than that.  She can make you laugh for hours on end...no exaggeration.  If you are lucky enough to know her or one day meet her you know/will know exactly what I mean.  And be sure to check out her nails.

In honor of said friend, I have been keeping my nails in top notch shape lately.  I would go as far as to say that I've become a slight complete nail-snob.  At least I can admit it right?  It just makes you look more polished (literally).  I used to be terrified to put any color on my nails besides a pale pink or nude so I went WAY out of my comfort zone on my latest purchases, and by way out of my comfort zone I mean as close as possible to a neutral palette without getting too crazy.  Meet the newest additions to my Essie collection:

 from left to right: mink muffs, power clutch, case study, and sew psyched

sew psyched in action.  I think I found the perfect shade of green.  This was no easy task my friends.

If anyone from Essie ever reads this, I could totally name some colors for you.  Here's my nail polish color portfolio...on the fly may I add:

Green: lady leprechaun
Grey: stone age
Pink: miami vice

Good right?!  Feel free to hire me whenever you please.  In the mean time, I think I'll work on mastering this but will another color besides black:

What's your favorite color for Fall??

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Sarah said...

Carly please tell me that you're not working up towards that nasty black manicure!!!! Manicures have to stay simple! Also, how did you change your nail ways from nude colors to more bold colors? I only like nudes and pale pinks on my nails and I just can never take the leap and get a color on my nails. Also, for all you readers of this AMAZING blog if you have weak brittle nails that break get nail envy by opi it's a really really good product that makes your nails sooo strong and they seem to grow more too!

pam {simple details} said...

This is the inspiration I need - I've been an OPI Bubble Bath girl for a long time!
Thanks for stopping by!

Carly {xoxo teacherista} said...

Sarah, oh how you make me smile! You're right I probably wouldn't go right to the black. OPI has a variety of colors in matte so I'll need to do some exploring. I would love to try it with a grey. To make the jump, I first transitioned to grey to get used to a different color then switched to something even darker. I usually only stick with dark grey not black (too dark for me personally, but I have seen plenty of people rock it). You can borrow some of my colors to give them a test run! And thanks so much for the helpful hint!

Pam-I hear you. Love the Bubble Bath. Let me know if you try a new color for the fall!