Pumpkin Love is in the Air

The night before our most recent Halloween adventure, the roomie J and I decided to watch a classic Sarah Jessica Parker movie.  You guessed it, Hocus Pocus.  After watching said movie, I have constructed this letter to my parents. 

Dear Mom and Dad,
How did you let me watch Hocus Pocus as a child?? There are some extremely creepy scenes that we may or may not have had to fast forward (I will never admit to this in person).  Not to mention the red-head's teeth are frightening all on their own let alone throughout an entire movie.
Concerned 22 year-old

 Moving on, the roomie and I finally made it to a pumpkin patch the next day regardless of nightmares from the Halloween classic.  We stuck with Eplegaarden because we had such a wonderful time apple picking there.  How could you not enjoy this??


 Meet Pumpkin Pam and Pumpkin Pat (from left to right).  You may refer to them as simply Pam and Pat if you would like.  Pumpkin makes it a little more formal.

We even got caramel apples, but there will be no photo evidence of this as we quickly found our inner six year-old eating abilities and instantly became covered in caramel.  But really, how can you not?  If you have a strategy for remaining stick-free, I am ALL EARS. 

To top off the night, we made AMAZING Pesto Chicken Stuffed Shells.  No modesty here about these guys.  We had them for dinner Saturday, lunch Sunday, and lunch today.  We were very civil in splitting the last three for lunch tomorrow.  Sad to see them go already.  We'll keep you posted on our cooking endeavors.  I can only hope our next recipe turns out half as well as these.  Thanks Joelen for the wonderful recipe!

Have you gotten your pumpkin(s) for Halloween yet?  What's cookin' in your oven?


The Zhush said...

YUM!!! Love the name of your blog...so cute!:)

Carly {xoxo teacherista} said...

Thanks so much Sue! That means a lot. Can't wait to use "zhush" in my every day vocabulary. I would highly recommend the shells, and they were great heated up!