Anthropologie: Not Just Great Clothes

One day this summer, I was having a wonderful day in the Third Ward with miss RK.  We found ourselves to be a wonderful shopping duo (i.e. we were extremely successful; I'm only half serious dad and Mr. K).  Our mid-shopping break consisted of ginormous cookies from the Milwaukee Public Market--holy amazing.  I tried to save some for later, but who was I kidding?

We found our way into Anthropologie where I was originally only searching for clothes but stumbled upon some beautiful vases. One even came with a plant, which is great because all I need to do now is give it a little love...well water too.  As for the other one, I headed over to Michaels to buy some fake hydrangeas to fill the vase.  All and all, these gems cost me $30ish...yes ish because frankly I don't quite remember nor do I have any clue where the receipt is.  All I remember is that it was cheaper than expected, which is always a plus.

Each time I look at the vases, I wonder what else Anthropologie has up its sleeve.  Here are some of my most recent finds:



From the pops of color on the first and last vases, to the incredible detail and texture to the ones in between, all would add such character to a room.

Do you have any Anthorpologie favorites??


Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

I can't afford the clothes so I buy all the other stuff :) It's one of my favorite stores, maybe I should get a job there so I can shop more often ;)
Hope you are having a great weekend and thank you for stopping in on my blog

Carly {xoxo teacherista} said...

Couldn't agree more. Oh how dangerous that would be as well :) But yet oh so fun.

Happy Sunday!