A Must Read: Simple Details

I thought I would take some time this morning to tell you about a blog I absolutely love and think you just might as well.  Readers meet Pam, Pam meet readers.  Classic cyber introduction.  You are oh so welcome.  Pam resides in the beautiful state of Colorado and shares her DIY projects and creativity throughout Simple Details.  Not to mention she has a gorgeous home and a knack for making things beautiful!  If you're ever in Denver, her Starbucks order is a Venti non-fat latte.  Again, you're welcome.  Here are some of her posts I wanted to highlight, in no particular order because they are all just that great.

 This is one of my favorite before and afters to date.  She did a remarkable job with this coffee table. I also just love the pillows and styling of the coffee table as well.

 A wonderful DIY that adds a special personal touch to your home. Find the tutorial here.

This is one of her more recent posts about her 11th annual Christmas Party.  This year's theme is words and so she used pages from an old dictionary for the invite.  How clever is that?? [insert answer about how clever that is]

Happy reading! There are lots and lots of posts for you to go catch up on over a morning cup of whatever you drink (I come from an extended family of Dew drinkers in the AM)! Do you have a favorite post from Pam? Did you find a project you're going to try?


pam {simple details} said...

Wow, Carly ~ what a surprise when I popped over to see what you're up to!

Thank you so much!!! You're such a sweet and encouraging blogging friend, I have a special place in my heart for teachers or teachers-to-be!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

simply brookes: said...

i am such a sucker for monograms. love this. thanks for posting. oh and say hello to your new follower! i'll be back.

sugarmouse said...

you're SOOO pretty!!

Holly said...

Isn't Pam the best?? She is so talented and is such a delight! Thanks for stopping by today and for your great comment! Have a great weekend.