Erin Condren Does It Again

I'm going to stop you right there.  No,  I did not purchase another Life Planner.  However, I do have a recommendation for my wonderful friends who have recently purchased one (so excited for you by the way!).  I put clear packaging tape over my tabs to keep them nice and sturdy.  I highly recommend you do so as well because you will be sad at even the slightest bend in your January tab.  I know from personal experience.  But now, it's fresh and ready to face 2012 with a bang.

Moving on, a couple weeks ago, I purchased a deal at Plum District for $50 worth of Erin Condren products for only $25 and was extremely excited.  And then three other people I knew purchased the same deal from my link, and before I knew it, I had $50 to spend at erincondren.com for the whopping price of $0.  I know, I know...[insert compliment on how fantastic I am at not spending money here].  I'm sure you can imagine how long it took me to decide what in the world to purchase as the options are endless on her fabulous site.

At the time, I had just used my last monogrammed cards that my mom bought me some time in high school.  Yes, they really did last me that long, and no I do not know how they did.  I am not one to normally spend a lot of money on cards, so I thought now was the time to indulge.  After some time hours of searching, I found these two gems:

I opted for one with the rectangle address labels and one with the circle labels.  The best of both worlds if I do say so myself.  My cards came today, and this time I took much better pictures as I wasn't literally ripping everything apart like when I got my Life Planner here as if I were a four year old on Christmas morning.

Who wouldn't get excited to see this? Don't answer this question if you wouldn't be.  Thanks in advance.



 So content!  And who doesn't love some bubble wrap to pop?

All I can say is that I will be using these pieces of art sparingly so consider yourself lucky if you receive one in the mail.  

Have you purchased anything from erincondren.com lately?  Do you have a wish list?  I love to hear what others find on the site because I feel like there are more pretty items hiding from me at all times.


Viviana said...

These cards are so cute!!
Found you via Chic Coastal Living and am now following :)

the erin condren.com team said...

thanks for the great blog post! glad you love them!

pam {simple details} said...

Love your new cards! I had to go check out the website, I'm thinking about the calendar, I need a new system!

Alexa said...

They are too too cute. Love how they look!

Daniela said...

what a great set! It would make a great gift.. I'd never even heard of her before, thanks for sharing!
(and yes, I did glue them on:))

Michelle ~ Make Life Pretty said...

I love the cards you chose! Even the delivery box is adorable!