Holiday Decorating

Now I realize I'm kind of skipping over a thing called Thanksgiving, but let's get serious, I'm in my 5th and final year of college, which means my aunt still makes the amazing Turkey dinner.  Thinking about it just makes me hungry.  And, well, it's no secret that my roommate and I love Christmas so we may have gotten ahead of ourselves on this one.  Our amazing Christmas tree is already up and lighting up our apartment.  I'll save that picture for later as it received mixed reviews on a thing called Facebook.

This morning, my decorating-loving-friend S and I went to Pottery Barn's class on How to Decorate for the Holidays.  Truth be told, I didn't learn anything too mind-blowing, but it was still fun to sit in all of their wonderful chairs and ottomans for an hour.  Things to highlight:

1. Mercury glass = staple piece
2. Repurpose items. Turn them upside down, on their sides, whatever it takes to make it different to you.
3. Mix elements of nature with some more refined elements.
4. Use what you have just reorganize.  This one is a bit more difficult for a college student, as I had no decorations.
5. This one I did love: hang an ornament from a lamp...

 I added a Christmas element to my bedroom because it was lacking the holiday spirit.

Before this class, I had some ideas of my own.  Here's what I decorated our table with: 

I filled a vase with scented pinecones and then twigs I got at Michaels.  Originally I was going to get my own twigs from outside my apartment and spray paint them, but then I realized time is just not something I have a lot of this semester.  After the Pottery Barn class, I picked up these new candle holders and candles.  I liked that the holders were the same size but that I could mess around with the candle sizes.  

My next project: redecorate the art we have about the couch.  I'll post a step-by-step post later this week!


My apologies that it's not at the same angle.  There is this large tree in the corner of our room now with really pretty lights and ornaments on it. 

Last project: cover the coffee table book.  Yes book. Solo. It's lonely, and I fully intend to find it some friends soon.  My roommate J found the wonderful garland to put around the candles, and I love it.  She is also the mother of four wonderful little birdies.  Just call her Mama J.

 What decorating tips do you have for the holiday season?

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Britta Rowan said...

hey girl heyyyy - just creepin the blog and loving it, per usual :) your post below -- is your shiny gold owl from west elm? absolutely love. can't wait to see more pics of your holiday decorating - i'm getting fired up to do the same, here! xoxo

Carly {xoxo teacherista} said...

Hey Britta! So great to hear from you! I got the owl at Michaels so maybe it came from West Elm and got there somewhere along the way, but I'm unsure. Wish I could help you out more. He's been a wonderful addition to our apartment, and I hope you can find one too! Can't wait to see your holiday decorating in the new apartment, and hope all is well!

Michaela said...

Very cute, girl...how creative to wrap those pictures as presents!(: Thanks for linking up with our Christmas cheer holiday party!