Sunday's Best

I am going to go ahead and let these pieces speak for themselves today as I am truly drooling over these tortoise beauties.

I would love to add some more to my collection, like yesterday.  

Do you love tortoise as much as I do?! 

Happy, happy Sunday!



Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

I have been stalking those sunglasses for way too long. I ordered them once but the fiance said I looked like a cartoon character, might need to try one more time!

Landi {Lou Lou's Life Lessons} said...

I've had a love for tortoise for as long as I can remember because my mom loves it & always had a lot of it mixed into her jewelry. I have the more plain looking tortoise/gold MK watch and it's definitely a go to piece... goes with everything & can wear brown or black with it ;) Happy Sunday, my dear Carly!!

Its Official said...

Wow, I love those earrings!

Anna (A Newfound Treasure) said...

I've been obsessing over those button earrings for a while now. I ALMOST incorporated them into my FF oufit :) Love me some tortoise.

Viviana said...

Haha, I love Alex's fiance's comment! I have them and Kenny doesn't exactly love them...

Shanelé said...

uhm, yes. thanks to this post, I do share in your tortoise love. that watch. awesome. and need those sunglasses on my face...right now. while i sit here in bed.


Stephanie {a dash of GLAM} said...

I love those earrings! Hope you had a great weekend!

L.A. in the bay said...

YES please.

Lindsay K {lastyearoftwentysomething} said...

I have that MK watch and love it! Wear it almost everyday!

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